Our joint inspiration:
Invest in education
to succeed in business
E-Learning and Networking
two key factors, to upgrade
the adult Learning and Entrepreneurship
and education
are fundamental priorities
to guarantee a smart,
sustainable and inclusive growth

Main Objectives

The main aim of ENTRNET project is to support the development of new National Networks of Adult Education Providers, within Greece, Italy, Belgium, and Romania in order to…

improve their capacity to provide to all young adults high quality entrepreneurial education

Foster the European co-operation among them in the field of entrepreneurship

Transfer Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) into entrepreneurial adult learning

Promote the EU policies in the field of adult education and entrepreneurship

National Networks

ENTRNET project encourages the Establishment of National Networks of Adult Education Providers in Greece, Italy, Belgium and Romania in order to improve their capacity to provide to all young adults high quality education in the field of entrepreneurship

European Cooperation

ENTRNET project fosters the European co-operation among Adult Education Providers and their National Networks

Action Plans

ENTRNET project supports the development of National Action Plans to promote networking among adult education providers

Online learning

ENTRNET project enables the development of e-learning modules in the field of entrepreneurship


ENTRNET project focuses on the promotion of adult education and entrepreneurship will by:
involving relevant actors and policy-makers

both from the fields of education and training, enterprise and employment, in order to guarantee the development of instruments that could give life to new policy strategies and initiatives.

Developing durable National Networks

which cooperative work will continue also after the conclusion of the project, in order to define new mechanisms of discussion and future partnerships.

Defining a mechanism of capitalization

that will maximize the impact of the project.

EntreComp at the center of its focus.

European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntreComp) is a reference framework that offers a comprehensive description of entrepreneurial competences, defined as: The capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas, and transform them into value for others. The value that is created can be financial, cultural or social.

Putting under the lens unemployed individuals

who are looking for support in the creation of a new entrepreneurial initiative.

Disseminating the achieved results

both inside and outside the partner countries.

Target Groups

Stakeholders who are directly interested to the outcomes and results of the project, such as:

Any public and private adult education organisations and centres that deliver education and training, guidance, counselling or validation arrangements to adults
Higher and vocational education and training institutions opening to less traditional groups of learners, such as adult learners, specialised in the field of entrepreneurship
Chambers, Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Social Partners
Youth & students Associations
Educator Associations

Policy makers who are responsible to draft and develop policies dealing with entrepreneurial adult learning and entrepreneurship at local, regional, national and European levels:

Responsible for the adult learning and entrepreneurship public authorities and bodies (Ministries of Education, Employment, Economic Development, etc.)
EU Commission DGs (GROW, EAC, EMPL, RTD, etc.)
Regional & local Authorities/Agencies
Any other Policy and Decision Makers at regional, national and European level Public Employment & Business Agencies

Communities of beneficiaries, included:

European, national, regional, local networks active on the field of adult learning Civil Society Organisations activated in the field of adult learning and entrepreneurship
Non-profit organisations involved in other projects with similar scopes
Young people, with a strong focus on existing and prospective (e.g. undergraduate and graduate students) young entrepreneurs
Unemployed adults (age comprehended between 20 and 40 years old) who are intentioned to start a business
Young adults in a situation (or at risk) of social exclusion, like NEETs
SMEs’ Associations
Business networks at National & European level

Our objectives

ENTRnet seeks to mainstream entrepreneurship across Europe by establishing a platform attractive for a wide range of actors and stakeholders
Direct and indirect beneficiaries
Certified trainers and professionals
Stakeholders & education providers
European regions involved

What are the key priorities in adult learning?

Research shows that the upgrading of adult learning and related policies and actions should always take into consideration and address a number of key needs and success factors.


ENTRNET project aims to promote networking and co-operation among adult education providers at National and European Level, in the field of entrepreneurship by:
Improving the capacity or provision in the adult education sector
Increased awareness, knowledge and understanding of the benefits of adult education in the relevant authorities, organisations and communities
Increased awareness, motivation and competence of adult educational leaders and educators
Strengthening of entrepreneurial skills
Greater knowledge of European opportunities for the growth of the VET system
Active engagement of local and regional authorities and other key stakeholders in developing adult education provision
Improving the capacity for collaboration and cooperation within a European network that opens up to heterogeneous stakesholders to reinforce commitment and opportunities in future projects
Improvement and strengthening of skills through the exchange of practices, experiences, knowledge, solutions, visions, proposals, projects
Promoting a positive image of the national and European adult learning system by facilitating access, use, procedures, inward and outward communication


Entrepreneurship and education are fundamental priorities to guarantee a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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