ENTRnet Project Culminates in Successful Final Dissemination Forum and Transnational Project Meeting


ENTRnet Project Culminates in Successful Final Dissemination Forum and Transnational Project Meeting

The ENTRnet project reached its summit during November 2023 with a dynamic Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) on Thursday, the 9th, and a triumphant Final Dissemination Forum on Friday, the 10th, hosted at Odisee.

During the Transnational Project Meeting, various essential topics were discussed, including a short follow-up on Quality Assurance Aspects, progress updates on e-learning courses and the e-networking platform, and a presentation of the capitalization guide and agreement. Additionally, discussions covered project dissemination through websites, publications, social media, and national events, along with external evaluation and the final progress and financial report.

The Final Dissemination Forum, a culmination event, achieved its primary goal of keeping participants informed of the project’s evolution from beginning to completion. Participants were not only updated on the progress of the project but also witnessed the successful establishment and operation of national education networks on entrepreneurship in partner countries, including Italy, Romania, Greece, and Belgium.

Esteemed panelists, Alessia Sebillo from Diesis Network, Mathilde Cregut from SMEunited, and Robert Plummer from BusinessEurope, enriched the event with valuable insights during a pannel discussion around the importance of enhancing entrepreneurship skills in adult education and its social impact.

The forum also highlighted on the ENTRnet e-learning platform, presented by EOPPEP, Learningdigital further delved into the e-learning platform’s functionalities and featured a didactic presentation of the ENTRnet e-networking platform.

The ENTRnet project has not only created valuable networks but also provided a comprehensive guide for capitalization, ensuring the sustainability of its impact. As the project comes to an end, it ensures lasting benefits for entrepreneurship education, promising ongoing positive impacts.

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