Transnational Project Meeting – ENTRNet’s Final Sprint in Brussels!

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Transnational Project Meeting – ENTRNet’s Final Sprint in Brussels!

On November 9th, ENTRNet reached a pivotal moment with the Transnational Project Meeting in Brussels. This gathering brought together all project partners, marking a crucial milestone in the final sprint of ENTRnet. The meeting aimed to delve into the last stages of the project, aligning strategies, and shaping the conclusive activities.

Here are the key highlights from the meeting:

Follow-Up on Project Quality Assurance Aspects: Rigorous quality assurance has been at the core of ENTRnet. The meeting facilitated a comprehensive review, ensuring that the project continues to uphold the highest standards in all aspects.

Follow-Up of E-Learning Courses: The courses developed by ENTRNet are a cornerstone of the project. The meeting involved a meticulous examination of the courses, ensuring they align with the project’s objectives and offer an enriching learning experience.

Follow-Up of Operation of the E-Networking Platform: The virtual hub connecting ENTRNet participants underwent thorough scrutiny. Indicators and an info-feed system were discussed to enhance the platform’s functionality and user experience.

National Networking Activities: Recognizing the importance of localized impact, national networking activities were a focal point. Partners engaged in discussions to maximize the reach and effectiveness of ENTRNet at the national level.

Project’s Dissemination – Website, Publications, Social Media, National Events: Disseminating project outcomes is key. The meeting addressed the dissemination strategy, ensuring that the project’s achievements are effectively communicated through the website, publications, social media channels, and national events.

As ENTRNet approaches its conclusion, these discussions and follow-ups serve as a testament to the project’s commitment to excellence and impactful results. Stay tuned for more updates as we enter the final phase of ENTRNet!

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