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“Develop National Networks of Adult Education Providers in the field of Entrepreneurship”

On 26th July, a focus group with entrepreneurship counselors of DYPA (the Greek Public Employment Service) took place online with the aim to discuss the results of the ENTRNET “Adult Learning Needs Analysis – Survey Report” conducted by project’s partner ODISEE School, with the contribution of all partners and their implications in the design of an effective entrepreneurship course. The focus group participants are specialized in entrepreneurship counseling and have extensive experience in applying it to groups of unemployed adults in DYPA.

Firstly, aims, questions and data of the survey were presented and explained to all participants giving the group the opportunity to explore the following issues:

  • The relationship between adult education and entrepreneurship
  • Possible benefits for educators/counsellors/organisations and learners/beneficiaries involved in such activities as the ENTRNET program

Main results of the discussion that followed can be summarized as:

  • There was an overall agreement with the results of the survey concerning the forms of acquiring entrepreneurial skills emphasizing the “face to face” seminars and any forms that contain practice.
  • ·       Adult entrepreneurship training is an important factor in reducing unemployment and promoting social integration and personal development
  • A new type of attitude is necessary, an entrepreneurial attitude and mindset, to prepare people for life and find their place in the labor market
  • Participation in programs as the ENTRNET helps to develop entrepreneurial skills of human resources as well as the development of the organizations they work

Furthermore, information on the online courses developed in ENTRNET were presented and the group explored the following issues:

  • The usefulness of the EntreComp framework in education and counseling
  • Ways of promoting entrepreneurial skills through e-learning

Main results of the discussion following the above topic:

  • There was an overall agreement with the results of the survey concerning the usefulness of all EntreComp competences in entrepreneurship teaching/counseling 
  • ·       For online courses to be effective, they must provide 1) attractive and understandable content, 2) feedback and 3) applicability

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