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“Develop National Networks of Adult Education Providers in the field of Entrepreneurship”

The focus group was organized in order to mainly discuss the results of “Adult learning needs” survey realized with different target groups (students, teachers, and entrepreneurs) in all partners’ countries, but also to exchange ideas and viewpoints about “Promoting networking among adult education providers in entrepreneurship” as WP3 of “Develop National Networks of Adult Education Providers in the field of Entrepreneurship” – ENTRnet project. The event was held hybrid on 30 June 2022 and was organized by University “Dunarea de Jos” of Galati – Romania at the premises of Faculty of Computer Science. The event was led by Emilia Pecheanu and Adina Cocu.

The discussions in the focus group were oriented in two directions: 

  • to inform about learning needs survey results in all partners’ countries
  • to obtain feedback about national and European networks of Adult Learning Providers, with an emphasis on online learning in the field of entrepreneurship and network activities.

The questionnaire followed the needs of the target groups related to the quality of the content and the ways of learning as online structured courses, in the field of entrepreneurial skills.  All participants were involved in educational activities together with students or adult learners, and their common interest is to find the best methods to motivate competence enhancement and to stimulate innovation in entrepreneurship.

Main observations of the survey:

There is quite a big difference between the quality of the courses perceived by the teachers and that perceived by the learners, in the sense that teachers have a good opinion and learners have rather an average opinion about the content of the entrepreneurship courses.

The results of the survey related to how students choose their learning path are perfectly normal, and the proposal to implement the eLearning platform based on micro-learning, with varied content in the project was appreciated by the focus group participants.

The practical relevance of the educational activities is at an average level. The participants suggested the introduction of some “testimonies” or stories of successful entrepreneurs in the educational materials.

The free discussions continued around the questions asked by the organizers and mentioned above. The following conclusions and ideas emerged:

To improve entrepreneurial skills, young adults, and students, as well as other disadvantaged categories, should be informed about the various opportunities and free online materials in Romanian that will be developed within the project. They proposed the use of all online dissemination media, such as e-mails, commonly used website news, professional social networks. 

Tutors in companies do not use online platforms because they do not have access to them on daily bases.Those that exist in Romanian are not free and are restrictive with regard to the content offered. They were more reluctant about the possibility of using it in the future, but they were willing to try. The professors from the university have experience in using online eLearning platforms and were delighted with the availability of helpful materials to include in their courses.

The proposal for structuring the educational materials on the 6 previously mentioned modules was well received because it mostly respects the results of the analyzed survey. Entrepreneurial competence is unevenly embedded in education and training systems and curricula, and coaching or mentoring programs are not available for those seeking opportunities in self-employment or entrepreneurship. Thus, any material that could be included it in their course, would be a help in their tutoring activity.

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